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Not so classical is a film + concert experience that redefines the classical concert format. Beautiful musical works performed in between short, narrative driven films result in a fast paced multi-media experience, a compelling story. The musicians, programs and stories vary with each concept. Not so classical was created by filmmaker + artist David Donnelly and violinist, artist + producer Tatiana Berman

“...Something I’ve never experienced with music... Video vignettes made it more personal.. Coming from deep emotion… a very natural conversation.. More in depth than anything I’ve ever seen before... It’s a gateway drug…” - Audience members after a NSC performance

“The traditional methods of presentation are not appealing to many young adults, however, Not So Classical Concerts have found a way to change that. It is a perfect blend of what music education should be.” - Michele N. Monigold, Director of Bands

“Not So Classical is a delightful experience for all ages and levels of interest in classical music. This project is a breakthrough innovation, attracting new audiences with a mix of personal storytelling and elegant performance.” - Thomas Callinan, founder of Charitable Worlds, former editor at Gannett/USA Network.

“After a Not So Classical performance our ”Vivace” YP club subscription has doubled!”- Greensboro Symphony